About the Course

The goal of the DIGITAL SANSKRIT LEARNING COURSE is to make accessible the authentic knowledge of Sanskrit language to the public in an era of heightened curiosity about India’s history and heritage. In the process of reaching out to millions of people, it came to fore that a great number of people aspire to acquaint themselves with Sanskrit language especially through digital mediums at their convenience and pace. 

This is a free course.

The Executive Board of BORI and Shree Raj Kothari conceived an idea of designing an online course of Basic Sanskrit Learning via digital medium which would be easy and viewer-friendly. Shree Raj Kothari has generously donated to design the course of Digital Sanskrit Learning, in the memory of Late Shree Vasant Kothari. Late Shree Vasant Kothari was a great Sanskrit scholar. He was one of the first few lawyers to practise in London. He was a great ambassador of Indian culture. He supported the pursuit of Vedic studies and Sanskrit in the UK and in India.  

We are thankful for the munificent donation from the Kothari foundation. 

Course Approach and Goals

  • In the course- DIGITAL SANSKRIT LEARNING basic level Sanskrit is taught in a simple and functional way to develop reading, writing and listening skills of the learner.
  • The course contains 120 videos of approximately 30 minutes.  
  • Batches of 10 Videos will be published at once at regular intervals 
  • The medium of the course is Sanskrit but English language is used wherever necessary.  
  • The course caters to the needs of the beginners as well as those who have prior knowledge of Sanskrit. 
  • This course is inclusive of the most commonly used vocabulary, which is easy to use and remember.
  • All the exercises with answers are available in downloadable format.
  • The Digital Sanskrit Learning course covers nouns ending in vowels (nouns ending in consonants are used wherever necessary), pronouns, adjectives, one to hundred numbers, present tense, past tense, future tense and moods, and a few indeclinables.
  • There are 10 classes of verbs in Sanskrit. In our course, we have majorly focused on class 1st, 4th, 6th and 10th. The verbs from other classes are used wherever necessary. 
  • Grammatical explanations are provided wherever necessary.
  • In the initial videos, Pictionary is added for enhancing the Sanskrit vocabulary.
  •  Listening exercises are included in some of the lessons to develop the listening skills. The translation is not provided for the listening exercises.
  • Lesson 50 onwards dictation tests will be included for the writing practice.
  • The tables of nouns, pronouns and verbs will be put separately at the end of the course for quick reference.
  • The language is a carrier of culture. Through this course our aim is not only to teach the Sanskrit language, but also introduce the rich Indian culture to certain extent.
  • The course is inclusive of famous Sanskrit verses, passages from dramas, simple stories and folk literature. The learner will enjoy for sure. 
  • We have made a concentrated effort to teach the basic level Sanskrit in a simple way. In order to achieve success, we welcome your valuable suggestions!
  • Please contact- [email protected]  

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