Course Content

In this course, we Learn about the Tridoshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—and their crucial role in maintaining health.
We explore the seven body tissues, waste products, and the body's vital points.
We gain insights into the digestive process, metabolic essence, and the mind's impact on health.
We understand individual constitutions (Prakriti) and how daily and seasonal routines influence our well-being.
We cover dietary guidelines, food incompatibilities, and principles of disease resistance.
The course also includes practical aspects like clinical examination, treatment methods, and detoxification techniques.
This course is designed and delivered by Dr. Yogesh Bendale with the assistance of Dr. Pravin Gund.

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Dr. Yogesh Bendale is an accomplished Ayurvedic Pharmacologist with over 40 international patents, including on anti-cancer drugs. Educated at Pune University, he founded Rasayani Biologics, focusing on oncology and agricultural biotechnology, and 'Ayurveda Rasayani' for high-quality Ayurvedic medicines.

With vast clinical experience, including treating royalty, Dr. Bendale is a recognized global Ayurvedic practitioner. He holds memberships in prestigious cancer and research societies, contributes to the Central Council of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, and has been appointed to significant positions within international Ayurvedic communities. His efforts have led to the establishment of an Ayurvedic hospital in Germany and independent practice rights in the UAE

Learning Outcome

This comprehensive course aims to distill the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for the needs of daily life in the 21st century.
The course is a resource for those seeking to gain a functional understanding of Ayurveda, offering in-depth insights into holistic health practices, preventive healthcare, and therapeutic strategies rooted in time-tested wisdom.
It is designed to empower learners with knowledge on how to harmonize their lifestyle with natural laws, optimize their health, and prevent illness through a balanced approach to diet, behavior, and mind-body wellness

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